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14 posts from December 2006

December 11, 2006

A Secret Guest for Christmas

Actually, there are two.

This year our family is doing something a little different on Christmas. We are going to have two guests with us on Christmas morning, though they won't actually be present.

One is Jim, a homeless man in our home town of Colorado Springs. The other is a little girl named Adanna from Swaziland, Africa. Each of our 6 children - yes you heard right - as well as mom and dad, are going to bring a special gift for Jim and Adanna and put it under the tree. They will be unwrapped as each of us explains why we are giving these gifts to these special people. Then we will wrap them and deliver them in the true spirit of Christmas!

For us, this is one way for us to live out Matthew 25 and give to 'the least of these.' And, it will teach our kids a valuable lesson about life. Hopefully, Jim and Adanna will be blessed. But I think our family will also be blessed on Christmas in a special way because we chose to put the needs of the poor under our tree and at the center of our Christmas morning.

December 09, 2006

Why We Need to Help the Children of Africa

One of the first little girls I met in Africa was a little girl named Nobile from Swaziland.

She’s a beautiful, sweet little one who is only 9 years old. Our group stood a short distance from her admiring her smile and charisma.



The caretaker of this children’s center noticed how we were lauding over Nobile and told us her story. About a year ago, Nobile was a child who was visiting a few of the programs at Hawane. One of the workers in the area knew that she was left home alone all day and decided to start bringing her in the afternoons so she could interact with children her age and have some educational training. 

In activities and during school time Nobile would often wet herself. She was very ashamed and would often run away crying. The workers were shocked that this little girl was never potty trained. So they took her to the doctor but what that found out was shocking. 

She didn’t have a problem controlling her bladder. She had been so violently raped on a consistent basis, that she was unable to control her bladder. Both of Nobile’s parents had died from AIDS. With no one to protect her she was taken advantage of by a family member who lived in the area. The perpetrator was her uncle. 

Because of Hawane, she is now safe and living in a home where she is loved and being taken care of. Just like she deserves. With a little help, this children's center could help hundreds of more children like Nobile. That's what we plan to see happen.

December 06, 2006

Viral Marketing to Save Orphans

This is Children's HopeChest's very first viral marketing strategy. Please click on this Interactive video about how you can be involved in what we are doing to save the lives of orphans in different parts of the world.

I would also love it if you could forward this to as many of your friends as possible. Please email me with your thoughts.

Thanks for your commitment and for joining me on this journey.

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December 05, 2006

Jersey Joe

We had an incredible encounter on the streets of Colorado Springs tonight. Seth Barnes, Gary Black, Andrew Shearman (an incredible, wonderful Englishman) and yours truly, were walking downtown for dinner.

A homeless man named, "Jersey Joe" asked us for a few bucks. Seth stopped and talked with him and said, "Man do you need some prayer?" He said, "Do I ever!" We started to pray for him and he cried out, "Lay hands on me, lay hands on me!" So we did, and prayed down heaven on this child of God. It was raw, it was real, it was ministry.

Turns out, he used to be a deacon in his church. In tears he asked for God's help and thanked us again and again for his prayers. We were having church on the streets of Colorado and it was great! Who knows what will happen to Jersey Joe, but we brought the Kingdom into his life. The rest is up to God.

It was a reminder to me that Jesus is hidden in the lives of the poor. Matthew 25 is a strong reminder to us what is most important in life. Jesus said, "As you've done it unto the least of these, you've done it unto me."
A homeless man under the Golden Gate bridge ramp