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June 02, 2008

Summer is Here

Well, the kids are out of school, it's almost 80 degrees in Colorado, and we've already had our fist family 'accident.' Hayden and Gideon spent the night at some friend's house this weekend and Hayden wrecked a dirt bike, slashing a gash in his leg to the right of his knee. As gross as it looked, the Dr. was able to stitch him up nicely 11 times, and he's fine. But basketball camp and the next few soccer games are a no-go.

I'm maintaining a relatively quiet summer traveling schedule, though I am headed to England with Gideon in June for a week. I'll be speaking at the RUN Conference with Brian McLaren, and a few other diverse places including my the headquarters of my publisher, Kingsway, regarding the new release of Fields of the Fatherless. Friends in the UK, here I come!

My novel is turned in and has been approved by the publisher - glad to get that finished. Looks like release will be May 2009. A very rewarding process, but one of the most difficult things I've ever done. This week, I'll start story-boarding the second in the series entitled, Sacred, which takes place in Eastern Europe/Russia. The plot is centered around the child sex-slave industry.

FYI - I'm just finishing a video series on Fields of the Fatherless which will be a great resource for small groups, Sunday school programs, and book clubs. We're making it available for free to those who sign up as 'publicists' to promote the cause of the widow, stranger, and orphan. More to come when it's complete.

Lisa and Will Samson are coming for a visit with their son Jake this weekend. I'm so looking forward to hanging out with them, they are amazing people.

I'll keep the updates coming. Hope you all have a great summer!