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5 posts from July 2008

July 29, 2008

Shocking Report on AIDS in America

When I speak around the U.S., many people show indifference to the HIV/AIDS crisis because it's not "in our own backyard." Well guess what? It is. We do a good job at hiding it, but this brand new report from CNN tells a different story. Please everyone, read this entire article, get educated about this issue, then get involved! A good place to start is to join 5 for 50 today.

LOS ANGELES, California (CNN) -- The AIDS epidemic among African-Americans in some parts of the United States is as severe as in parts of Africa, according to a report out Tuesday.

"AIDS in America today is a black disease," says Phill Wilson, founder of the Black AIDS institute.

"Left Behind - Black America: A Neglected Priority in the Global AIDS" is intended to raise awareness and remind the public that the "AIDS epidemic is not over in America, especially not in Black America," says the report, published by the Black AIDS Institute, an HIV/AIDS think tank focused exclusively on African-Americans.

"AIDS in America today is a black disease," says Phill Wilson, founder and CEO of the institute and himself HIV-positive for 20 years. "2006 CDC data tell us that about half of the just over 1 million Americans living with HIV or AIDS are black."

Although black people represent only about one in eight Americans, one in every two people living with HIV in the United States is black, the report notes.

The report uses just-released data from UNAIDS and existing CDC and Census data to highlight grim statistics:

• AIDS remains the leading cause of death among black women between ages 25 and 34. It's the second-leading cause of death in black men 35-44.
• In Washington, more than 80 percent of HIV cases are among black people, that's one in 20 residents. iReport: AIDS in Washington's older population

"Five percent of the entire population (in DC) is infected... that's comparable to countries like Uganda or South Africa," Dr. Anthony Fauci, director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases, told CNN for the recent "Black in America" documentary.

According to this report, if black Americans made up their own country, it would rank above Ethiopia (420,000 to 1,300,000) and below Ivory Coast (750,000) in HIV population. Both Ethiopia and the Ivory Coast are among the 15 nations receiving funds from the President's Emergency Plan For Aids Relief. The United States has given about $15 billion to PEPFAR nations in the past five years.
Read the entire article here.

July 24, 2008

Zoecarnate - Mike Morrell

My friend Mike Morrell has just put up a phenomenal post on the article I wrote for Beliefnet entitled, "Why Christians S**K." Mike is part of team over at The Ooze and has helped launched books such as The Shack. Jump over to his site and read the article by clicking here. Thanks to all of you who have posted about this article on your blogs. Together, we can defeat poverty and see it eliminated in our lifetime!

July 15, 2008

Why Christians Suck

When I was approached to write this article, I wasn't sure how it would go over. So many people are provocative just to make other people angry. I didn't want to write another over-the-top, attention-getting article. Instead, I sat down to explore what exactly Jesus would say to us today--2,000 years after he was here--about how well we've followed his example.

I think he'd pick a choice phrase that everyone would understand. I think he'd say: You suck.

If we are religious for religion's sake... we suck. If we listen to the Word but don't do what it says... we suck. That's where I'm coming from with today's lead article on titled "Why Christians Suck," and the feature entitled "How to do What the Bible Says."

If you're visiting my blog today for the first time, welcome. I'm Tom Davis, the CEO of Children's HopeChest, an international outreach to orphans around the world. In addition to reading through the posts and videos, there's a couple things you can do here...

1. The book links on the left hand page will take you to where you can buy a copy of Red Letters, Fields of the Fatherless, or Confessions of a Good Christian GuyIf you'd like a review copy for your blog or Web site, send me a request at [email protected].

2. Check out Saint's Coffee. This is organic, fair trade coffee that supports orphan ministry at Children's HopeChest. It was featured in the article as one of ten ways to "not suck."

3. Visit This is a simple way to get involved in global poverty issues through prayer, fasting, giving, missions, and recruitment.

4. Leave a comment about the article. I'd love to hear your feedback.

5. Pass it on. Write a review of the article on your blog, Facebook, MySpace, or other social networking site. The more we get the message out, the sooner we can stop sucking.

July 11, 2008

Responsibility and Reflection

Summer has been a great time for our family. This weekend, we have four soccer tournaments four of our children will be participating in. Gideon, my eight year old, and I, were able to go to England together for a month and had a fabulous time. The boys are at a professional football camp meeting NFL players from around the league. The picture below is Hudson, our two year old, with Eric Green, starting cornerback for the Arizona Cardinals. We are truly blessed beyond measure and thankful to God.

After reflecting on this, I couldn't help but think of the kids I've met this year in Africa and all the orphans I love so much in Russia. Their lives don't look at all like the lives of my children. Now, don't get me wrong, I'm not feeling guilty for what my children have. Half of what drives me to provide for them comes from what I didn't have as a child. I just ache for those children because they aren't able to be children.

At eight, many of them are hauling dirty water from five miles away at 6:00 am in the morning or longing to go to school but don't have the ten dollars it takes for tuition. It's a much different life for them. In that regard, I do have responsibility to help orphans in need who come from such dire circumstances. This is what the Bible means when it refers to justice and our responsibility to be advocates to the cause of the poor.

"The righteous care about justice for the poor, but the wicked have no such concern." - Proverbs 29:7
"Hate evil and love good and establish justice in the gate; it may be that the LORD, the God of hosts will be gracious to the remnant of Joseph." - Amos 5:15

I hope today this is a simple gentle reminder: Be thankful for your blessings, say an extra prayer, and pursue justice with your whole heart.


July 10, 2008

Article in Today's Christian

My friend, Laura Christianson, has written a nice article profiling me and Children's HopeChest in Christianity Today's magazine, Today's Christian.. Following is a brief excerpt. Click below to read it all.

Father to the Fatherless
Tom Davis believes every child should have a dad—including orphans around the world.
By Laura Christianson

Most of us have thought about how we might answer the question, "After you die, how do you want to be remembered?"

Tom Davis already knows his answer.

"I want to be remembered as a committed husband and father, and as a man who was an advocate for the fatherless—who did something to help the poorest of the poor."

Davis says he doesn't want to merely "stand before God with my accomplishments," and hopes that when he meets Jesus face to face, he won't feel tempted to list the five books he's written, the 10 years he spent as a youth pastor, or even his current position as president of Children's HopeChest, an international orphan-care organization.

"I want to know there were orphans whose lives were transformed because I did something tangible to show them the father-heart of God."
Click here to read the article.