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5 posts from December 2008

December 30, 2008

Hoe je hart je boodschap kleurt

That means "Living a Faith that Bleeds" in Dutch. I just received several copies of Red Letters printed in Dutch from my publisher, Uitgeverij Medema. Needless to say I'm tremendously excited! Who would have thought?

Red Letters

December 15, 2008

What do you get an orphan for Christmas?

In the U.S., we ask the question, "What do you get for the person who has everything?" Let's turn that around..."What do you get the child who has nothing?"

At first, you might think of basic necessities like food or clothing. Perhaps you'd even think about toys or a bike.

Over the past decade of working with children who have less than nothing, I can tell you this: What an orphan wants for Christmas is for another human being to express the lavish, extravagant, and unconditional love of Jesus to them. They want--like all children do--to know that they are special and chosen and loved.

Would you like to give this gift?

I have seen thousands of orphans lives transformed through relationships built with their U.S. sponsor. When you give yourself to a child, it is something unique and personal. It does not need to be shared with others. And it is cherished above all other gifts I have seen.

I've also watched thousands of sponsors transformed into the hands and feet of Jesus--through prayer, letter writing, short-term missions, and orphan advocacy.

It's more than sponsorship. It's how you give the gift of yourself and your family's love to a child who longs to know what it feels like to be loved.

If you would like to start this process with me and Children's HopeChest. Go to this link for more information and to sign-up online.

It will be the best Christmas present you give this year.

December 12, 2008

Ethiopia Trip April 15th-25th

Good news! We have our Ethiopia trip set for April 15th-25th, 2009 with a possible extension trip to Lalibela and Axom the 25th-28th. 

Here's what I need from you: if you are interested in going, email Nicole Irwin, [email protected] asap. Let her know your level of interest and how many people are coming. Then, we will send out the details of the trip, costs, etc.

I'm so excited to see Ethiopia taking off like it is! We already have five orphanages completely sponsored as of today. You have to love seeing hundreds and hundreds of orphans being cared for by wonderful people like you. 

December 04, 2008

Be a Saint this Christmas

Saints Coffee is a Great Christmas Gift!
It's that time of year when our minds turn toward giving gifts to those we love.

This year Saint's Coffee is offering several special coffee blends and Christmas packages for the holiday season. This reasonably priced, fair trade and organic coffee is among the top 3 percent of all coffee in the world. And when you drink are helping more than yourself. Saints Coffee has faithfully donated 1/3 of it's net profits back to Children's HopeChest to help feed children in Swaziland.

Order a bag or box today for the coffee lover(s) in your life!
Saint's Coffee Makes a Great Christmas Gift!

December 01, 2008

U2 - I Believe in Father Christmas

RedWire is live and promoting HIV/AIDS awareness around the world.

U2 has recorded a brand new song called, "I Believe in Father Christmas" you can view here.