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October 07, 2009

Swaziland Water for Life: Give $42 to help 3 people!

What is the value of a glass of clean drinking water? Most of us don't think twice about turning on the tap and getting a nice cold glass of water. 


For over 1 billion people around the world, clean water is a luxury. But what if I told you that a gift of $42 could provide clean drinking water for three people for the rest of their lives? Would you believe me?


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Our ministry in Swaziland began when one humble man heard God say, “What are you going to do about these kids?” This man, Pastor Walter, was overwhelmed by what he saw — children alone and suffering.

Children who cried out, Njomile, “I am thirsty . . ..” Thirsty for water, food, care, and hope. Though he couldn’t make ends meet for his own family, he looked in his pocket and began to provide two to three meals of corn a week. God multiplied his act of sacrifice. Today, HopeChest serves thousands of kids through six CarePoints — because people like you followed Walter’s example! 

These CarePoints still have a vital need in answer to the cry Njomile: water!

Right now, we deliver clean water — for drinking, cooking and cleaning — by hand or by vehicle. Still,in many cases, locals are drawing from contaminated sources, like ponds and rivers, which carry parasites and other diseases. This continues to impact the kids we serve.


(Put "Swazi Water" in the Notes)

But with your help, we can provide a well for each location that will serve kids today — plus many more children for years to come. I’m working to raise $42,000 for six CarePoint wells — a source of clean water not only for consumption, but for crop irrigation.

Would you be willing to help by giving a gift or rallying people in your community around this vital effort today? If 1,000 people could give $42 each, thousands of kids could have safe, reliable water to drink. Caregivers would have easy access to water for cooking and cleaning.  


(Put "Swazi Water" in the Notes)

Each well will serve at least 500 people each year--kids, gogos, caretakers, community members--500 divided by $7,000 well = $14 per person. $14 X 3 people = $42. That's $14 per person for as long as that well draws clean water...which could be a long, long time.


Our plan includes teaching CarePoint leaders how to maintain a community garden to raise crops. These gardens will provide a food source, a marketable commodity — plus a center of community pride and responsibility. But this can’t happen apart from a life-sustaining well.

Thank you for your help for these kids. None of this would be possible without people like Pastor Walter, our dedicated Swazi staff, or partners like you!

October 01, 2009

Your Church and the Orphan

Over the course of the past several years, I have had the privilege of speaking at some of FamilyLife's orphan conferences. If you are looking for a way to get your church involved, these conferences are a great introduction to starting a church-based orphans ministry. I've provided information and links below, and you can click on the badge to go to their site.

I highly recommend these conferences to you and your church leadership.


You have been dreaming of ways your church could make a God-sized impact for the orphan.  You have wanted to do something, but you didn’t know how to begin.  We created this workshop for you.

 Your Church and the Orphan                              

Your Church and the Orphan™ is a powerful, interactive, and fun one-day event that will bring together a group of passionate like-minded people from your church to pray, dream and learn about how God might want to use your church on behalf of the orphan.

This informative, biblical, and hands-on group workshop experience will serve as a catalyst to help your church launch a ministry to orphans.  Here are the answers to some questions you may have:

What will the schedule include?

  • Eight steps to launching an orphans ministry in your church
  • Creatively guided prayer and discussion times that will get your church well on its way to a plan for launching a church orphans ministry
  • An overview of key organizations that can help your church orphans ministry do what God calls you to do
  • Useful tools to help you take your next steps
  • Opportunities to interact with other churches in your area whose members share the same passions as you

Who should come?
Any follower of Christ who wants to explore how their church can make a difference for orphans and waiting children.

How many people from my church should come?
Anywhere from 3-12 people is ideal.  But, if you have more than 12 sign up, certainly feel free to bring everyone.

Can I come alone?
Yes.   However, this workshop has been uniquely created with team interaction in mind.  Therefore, if you are planning to attend individually or with one other person, you will be seated together with other individual attendees to maximize your workshop experience.

When and Where?
Check out our workshop schedule.