May 06, 2009


QUESTION: Have we contacted the company that sells Nutramigen to see if they would donate any of the formula

ANSWER: (courtesy of Cindy Foote): "The answer is yes. Unfortunately Mead Johnson will not donate the formula (even to another non-profit) if they know it is for a cause outside of the country.

As soon as they knew that it was a request for Ethiopian orphans they said they could not do that. There may be reasons for which we are unaware. I know when I tried to have a particular company ship an item to China for some friends of mine there they said they could not do it because of some customs issues... who know...

Hope the reason is a good one because there are a lot of orphans in need of this formula. We tried! But hey! God is bigger than Mead Johnson and Children's Hope Chest is getting a lot of action over their fundraiser for this formula. Don't miss out on the action! 


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