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December 12, 2009

If On a Winter's Night

Winter is my favorite time of the year. I love how the snow transforms the landscape into a Winter Wonderland. A Narnia of sorts. Turns out, winter is Sting's favorite season too. His new album, If On a Winter's Night is fantastic. Celtic, Folk, and Christmas music rolled into one. This short video on the album is inspiring. 

November 11, 2007

Wave of Sorrow

This morning when I spoke at Vanguard, many people came up and asked where I hear U2's new song that I quoted. Here's the link to the song, Wave of Sorrow, that will release on the album Joshua Tree (remastered).  Thanks to Mike Todd for the tip. Here are the ending lyrics, a sort of modern day take on the Beattitudes I quoted from.

Blessed are the meek who scratch in the dirt
For they shall inherit what’s left in the earth
Blessed are the kings who’ve left their thrones,
They are buried in this valley of dry bones.
Blessed are you with an empty heart,
For you’ve got nothing for which you cannot part.
Blessed is the ego, it’s all we’ve got this hour,
Blessed is the voice that speaks truth to power.
Blessed is the sex worker who sold her body tonight.
She had to use what she’s got to save her children’s lives.
Blessed are the deaf who cannot hear a scream,
Blessed are the stupid who can dream.
Blessed are the tin-canned cardboard slums,
And Blessed is the Spirit that overcomes.

July 30, 2007

Awakening Fest

For all my friends in Virginia and the surrounding areas: I'll be speaking at the Awakening Music Festival, in Centerville, VA (right outside of DC) on September 15th. I'd love to see you so let me know if you'll be attending. Awakening Fest is a one day music festival with Toby Mac, Barlow Girl, This Beautiful Republic, and other great bands. Remember to jump over to EMI's Red Letters Site to sign up, view photos from Africa, and download video. Awakenignfest_2