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June 01, 2010

Priceless Release Day and Press Release

It's finally here - the official release day for my new novel, Priceless! To celebrate, I wanted to make you a special offer: If you will walk into your local bookstore and purchase a copy of the book, I will send you a signed copy of any of my other books for free. All you have to do is send an email to [email protected] that contains your address. You don't need to show any proof, we'll take your word for it. My hope is that after reading this book, you will be so moved by the plight of girls who are caught in human trafficking, you will rise up and do something that helps set them free. Thanks for supporting my books and for being such incredible advocates for those who have no voice. 

Here's a copy of the press release describing the content of Priceless.

Visionary Global Minister Tom Davis

Exposes Human Trafficking, Sex Trade in Priceless

8.4 million children are sex trafficking victims

2 children are trafficked every minute

Up to 300,000 prostituted children live on the streets in the U.S.

COLORADO SPRINGS—Child sex trafficking is not a topic that likely receives much discussion time at the water cooler or around the Sunday School table, but it’s happening all over the world—and in our backyard. Online news items are full of examples of sex trade, from the most recentCraig’s List controversy to sex tourism to other countries. Halfway around the world or right next door, the sex trade is big business and it affects more persons than you can imagine. In Priceless, the latest book in the EDGE OF THE WORLD series, visionary, author, consultant, speaker, and child adoption advocate Tom Davis tells the hard truth about child sex trafficking, one of the most harrowing and growing problems of our time, in a fictionalized account that will inform, shock, and motivate readers.

In the follow-up to Davis’ widely acclaimed book, Scared, American photojournalist Stuart Daniels goes from Africa to the heart of Russia. Stuart’s work has great meaning, as he educates people about social injustice around the word. His Russian trek gives him the opportunity to save the lives of two girls. But the mission becomes more than he bargained for when he soon becomes the key player in a plot to rescue countless girls helplessly trapped in Russia’s seedy and lucrative sex-slave industry. Davis is hands-on with this type of vital ministry in real life, and through the pages of Priceless, readers will walk along with main character Stuart and see just how real and deadly it is. Will Stuart have the courage, the strength, and the faith to do what he must for the sake of these girls? 

Priceless is a novel that is thoroughly compelling because it incorporates many of the first-hand experiences Davis has had via his ministry, Children’s HopeChest, a global effort that impacts people daily by caring for orphans. This story is dark, but Priceless also shows that the seeds of hope, faith, bravery, and love exist in the most deprived and sordid situations. Readers will garner compelling information from the excellent AfterWords section of the book, which includes questions, answers, and ways readers can get involved. Priceless is a book that will not allow you to remain unaffected or silent. Proceed cautiously; Priceless could change your life.

For more information visit

Priceless by Tom Davis

David C. Cook

ISBN13: 978-1-5891-9103-7

June 2010

278 pages, $14.99

Media Contact:

Jeane Wynn

Wynn-Wynn Media, LLC

P: 918-283-1834

F: 918-512-4409

[email protected]

May 27, 2010

Priceless Is Available Online

I just discovered that my new book, Priceless, is now available online. Of course, I always prefer that you go to your local bookstore and purchase the book, but if you just can't wait, you can purchase it now at, and Wow, they arrived fast!

To date, writing this book has moved me more than any of my others. It's an extremely important issue all of us need to be involved in. I will make the same offer to book clubs on a first come, first served basis: if you would like me to participate in a Q&A, I will make myself available. Shoot me an email: [email protected].

Please visit the book site by clicking here: You can find all of the videos and articles we've done to date on the issue of human trafficking. There is also an ACT Page, where you can find out exactly what to do to help. 

Tell your friends, Post the trailer, or Offer a sneak peak of the first chapter. I really appreciate your help in getting the word out about the book and this issue. All of you are so amazing at being advocates for my books. I am truly thankful.

April 15, 2010

Stop Sex-Trafficking Before It Begins

"An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure."

Many of you have asked what can be done to stop sex-trafficking before it begins.

In a country like Moldova, there is little happening in regards to stopping sex-traffickers. We heard story after story of traffickers abducting kids all over the country. It takes time to establish strong programs and work with solid partners. Our plan is to focus on Rescue and Restoration at first, while we are working on Prevention.

In Russia, it's a different story. We've been working here since 1994 and have a number of programs that stop sex-trafficking before they begin.

Let me tell you about Masha. Masha left the orphanage at 15 and was sent to a tech school--an underfunded holding tank for kids who learn how to lay brick or paint walls.

One day, a group of professional looking, wealthy women came to the school and interviewed the girls for the best jobs in Russia.

They were promised fancy clothes, expensive jewelry, and all the money they could hope for if they were selected.

Masha was chosen, and she thought her dreams had come true.

She was taken to the city center, put in a rundown apartment and beaten.

They forced her to work in a strip club.  Then, they told some men were coming to her apartment to train her to learn how to have sex with a man--how to "please" him.

"You'll be pleasing 10 men each day," they said.

Masha quickly realized this dream had turned into a ugly nightmare. She was hours away entering the sex trade. The life of a forced prostitute awaited her, and she was scared to death.

While this was unfolding, she remembered the staff at Children's HopeChest. "Could they help me?"

She told me how she remembered how much our staff cared for her and other orphans. She knew exactly where to go. She had a plan. She walked out the door and ran to the HopeChest Ministry Center in Kostroma.

Our staff immediately called the authorities, and brought her to a safe place to live so she'd be protected.

Young girls like Masha, and the women in the Young Mothers Program are the most vulnerable to trafficking and forced prostitution like this.

Young Mother's

Our Young Mother's Program provides daily ministry and services to mothers and children through our Ministry Center.

These young moms, are taught how to care for their babies by a professional nanny. They can drop their kids off to the nursery there so they can go to work or school.  The Ministry Center provides Young Mothers with the help they need at this critical stage in their life.

This is what Prevention looks like.

We are able to help hundreds of girls because of the Ministry Center and the Young Mothers Program. These are some of the best programs HopeChest offers in Russia. To find out more details about our Ministry Center outreach, we've posted details on this special page If you would like information on supporting the Young Mothers Program, please download this PDF for a full overview.

To give now, click the button below and put Young Mothers or Ministry Centers in the notes section.

Thanks so much for following our journey and being a part of making a difference. Leaving Kostroma and off to Vladimir Region!

April 05, 2010

Broken Places

I am out the door for Moldova and Russia. I can't help but think the Resurrection when I go to places like this. Moldova - one of the poorest countries in the world and the highest rate of sex-trafficked girls. Broken - beyond belief. But in the greatest brokenness the world ever knew, Christ crucified on a cross, the greatest hope emerged. That's what I pray for these girls. This is exactly the story of my new book, Priceless, that releases June 1st. I'll also be filming live from some of the exact locations I write about in the book.

We'll go from Denver-DC-Zurich-Chisnau. Five days on the ground then out to Russia for the remainder of the trip. I can't wait to see our Russian staff and my dear Russian friends. We'll be telling lots of stories on this trip, shooting video, and taking many photos that will be posted here. You can also keep up with Anne Jackson with her adventures she's titled: Blogging from the dark. 

The Broken Places in our lives need the Resurrection power of Christ flowing through our mortal bodies. The orphans we'll encounter need it. I need it. Come quickly Lord Jesus. Love to you all!

September 26, 2008

Pictures from Russia

It's been a crazy week at home after my trip from Russia. I've come back to economic markets collapsing and $700 billion bailout packages. I know these things are important, but it's a further reminder to me about the truth of Psalms 20:7, "Some may trust in horses, some may trust in chariots, but we trust in the name of our God." It's all I could think of when I saw the incredible things God was doing in the lives of orphans in Russia. Here are a few pictures from the trip. 1st pic - Katya our National Director 2nd pic - Volodya, an amazing artist and main character in the next novel 3rd pic - Natasha, a student at RACU (Russian American Christian University) Enjoy!




September 11, 2008

Ministry in Russia

My life was completely transformed by a trip to Russia in the late 90's. It's a fascinating country with beautiful people and a rich heritage. Many things have changed over the years but one thing hasn't changed: It's still extremely difficult to be an orphan. Everyone knows you are an orphan, it's stamped right on your passport. People draw conclusions from that 'label.' You are stupid, a criminal, or you have no skills to work. Your shelved to be on the bottom rung of society whether you like it or not.

The reason I fell in love with the programs run by Children's HopeChest in 1997 is the same reason I am committed to them today. They are lifelines providing hope to orphans who are left alone. The success we've seen over the years has been amazing. Many of these kids have made the transition into adulthood successfully. They have graduated from Bible school, nursing school, and linguistics school and will be the future leaders Russia needs.

I'm hoping to post pictures of some of these kids along with their stories. Please stay tuned in and continue to pray for the 1 million children still in state run orphanages. Your prayers have powers and these kids need to know there is hope and a future for them.

May 03, 2008

A Haiku for a Dead Orphan

You may remember the tragic passing of one of our beloved orphans, Sergei Adveev in February. Alan Pretre wrote these words as a tribute to Sergei along with a Haiku.

"It is hard to see how God works sometimes. I think of all he went through, with his accident and all, and I think of his brutal attack. From his picture he seemed so gentle, why would anyone hurt him. And then to be an orphan on top of all of this. To answer your question, Who mourns the death of an orphan? I want you to know that my wife and I do, and many others. I have tears even now as I write. If you feel the words of the poem may be a blessing to your staff please pass them on, especially your Russian friends. It is the least I can do."

Haiku for a Dead Orphan

Cold wind gray sky mourn
A diamond in the rough
Earth was not worthy

Rain falls but no tear
A father weeps from afar
Yet brother does not

Earth receives a seed
Of rose amidst the nettle
Perfume for heaven

Futility mocks
The eye of faith strains to see
A promise fulfilled

Love veils her face here
Herald of the one cries out
Unknown love made known

For Sergei Adveev
Sobinka, Russia
Rest in peace, brother
April 29, 2008

© Alan Pretre

March 21, 2008

Ex-Soviet Leader Gorbachev Admits He's a Christian

For all of you who love Russia, this article will be an encouragement to you. Every time I travel to Moscow (over 50 times now), the words of Leo Tolstoy ring in my ear, "Moscow is a city filled with demons." With the troubles Russia has faced regarding Christianity over the years, it's good to see that a former leader is a devoted follower of Christ. Thanks to Mike Todd for the link.

"Mikail Gorbachev, the last communist leader of the Soviet Union, admitted publicly for the first time Wednesday that he is a Christian.

Rumors had circulated for decades that Gorbachev was a “closet Christian,” but it was only confirmed yesterday when he made a surprise visit with his daughter Irina to pray at the tomb of St. Francis of Assisi in Italy. The former communist leader spent half an hour on his knees in silent prayer at the tomb.

"It was through St. Francis that I arrived at the church, so it was important that I came to visit his tomb," said Gorbachev, according to U.K.’s Telegraph newspaper.

"I feel very emotional to be here at such an important place not only for the Catholic faith, but for all humanity."
Read the ChristianPost article here

March 20, 2008

Our "Daughter" Is Getting Married!

Many of you know that we have two Russian adopted daughters. Lena has been in the United States for a year and a half and is marrying Greg Winn on May 4th. We are all so excited at what God is doing in their lives and the joining of our two families. I'm headed to South Bend, IN, in April to spend some time with Greg's parents. Thought you all would enjoy this video on YouTube of Lena talking about Russian orphans:

November 05, 2007

Russia and AIDS

Russia is gaining in economic prosperity, but they are losing control of AIDS epidemic. This is a country that cannot afford to loose people since their birth rate is among the lowest in the world. To give you an idea, the death rate is higher than the birth rate. Overall, in 2005 during the first six months of the year, 507,300 people were born and 998,500 died, leading to a natural population decrease of 401,200 people.

The HIV infection rate is exploding. In cities such as St. Petersburg, the infection rate has multiplied 250 fold since 1996. Quoted in, The Director of the Federal Scientific Center for AIDS at Russia's Ministry of Health, Vadim Pokrovsky, warns that Russia is likely to follow the "African model" with up to an 80 percent infection rate in some parts." This is catastrophic and must be addressed by organizations working in the country. Click here to read an Indepth article entitled: AIDS, Europe's new plague.

Click on the HopeChest website here to find out what we are doing in Russia and how you can be involved.